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FRequently Asked Questions

Wanting to know more about Fun Fore All Family Fun Park? You have come to the right place.

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions, if you have any questions that aren't answered below, please feel free to e-mail us at info@funforeall.com

IS THERE AN ADMISSION FEE? There is no admission fee to enter the park itself. You just pay for what you want to do while you are here.

HOW DOES A FUN CARD WORK? The Fun Card system is a debit card system that we use to control our entire park. You can add value to your card and use it at the games, rides, and attractions, even food. We offer lots of different specials and deals that you can find on our Specials Page!

Purchase a Fun Card from one of our on site kiosks, at our front counter, or online. Once purchased simply insert the card into one of our game readers to start they game. One of our attendants will assist you at our attractions.

If you play in our arcade your “tickets” that you would win from games are electronically added onto your Fun Card.

Be sure to register your Fun Card at one of our kiosks or with one of our staff. This will get you automatically into our loyalty program and ensures the safety of your Fun Card should something happen to it.

Bonus cash, received when certain specials and coupons are used, cannot be used towards the purchase of food and beverages, or other specials, discounts, or coupons.

HOW CAN I CHECK THE BALANCE ON MY FUN CARD? You can check your balance at any one of our kiosks, by asking one of our staff. You can also check your balance and add more value onto your Fun Card online HERE.

CAN FUN CARDS BE COMBINED AND/OR SPLIT UP? Absolutely, if you have multiple cards, bring them into the front desk and one of our staff would be glad to combine any value for you, even cards with small amounts add up! And if you have one card and would like us to split the value up onto multiple cards, we can do that as well!

WILL THE MONEY OR THE TICKETS ON MY FUN CARD EVER EXPIRE? No. The value and tickets on your Fun Card will not expire. Time play on your Fun Card expires at the end of your allotted time. Certain promotional items added to your Fun Card may have expiration dates. You may ask one of our staff for details.

HOW DO I REGISTER MY FUN CARD? You can register your Fun Card at any one of our kiosks or by asking one of our staff. Once your card is registered you are automatically signed up for Rewards Program and if your Fun Card is lost or stolen we can replace it for you.

CAN I PAY TO MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE IN TICKETS I NEED TO EARN SOMETHING IN THE PRIZE STORE? Due to licensing restrictions Fun Fore All is unable to sell any merchandise from our Prize Store. All items must be redeemed with tickets won while playing games in the Arcade. Items in Fun Fore All’s Prize Store contain small parts that are not recommended for children three-years-old or younger.

HOW DOES THE WEATHER AFFECT THE OUTSIDE ATTRACTIONS? For safety reasons, it is necessary to close our outside attractions during inclement weather such as rain, lightning, extreme temperatures, etc. Our staff will alert our guests when it is necessary to close attractions and possible times for reopening.

In the event that management makes the decision to close an attraction due to inclement weather, guests may use their Fun Cards, purchased to use the outdoor attractions in one of the following ways:

You may save your Fun Card with value on it and use it towards games, rides, or attractions that are still operating, or bring your Fun Card back on another day.

If you have purchased a time card, you may exchange it for a Fun Card of equal value, or a refund valued at the appropriate amount in accordance with the time already used by the guest.

ARE OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS PERMITTED? We do not allow any outside food or beverage. The only exception to this policy we make is for a Birthday Cake or cake substitute (i.e. Cupcakes, cookie cake, etc.) If food based allergies or medical restrictions require a patron to eat on a special diet, that patron may bring in their own food item. If you are unsure, or have questions, please speak with one of our Managers!

WHAT ABOUT FOOD ALLERGIES? We do our best to accommodate special dietary needs however, Fun Fore All food items may contain certain allergens such as wheat, nut, dairy, etc. Please ask one of our operations manager for details on our food items.

DOES FUN FORE ALL USE ANYTHING THAT CONTAINS PEANUTS OR OTHER FOOD ALLERGY BASED INGREDIENTS? Fun Fore All keeps an all-inclusive ingredient list on hand should you ever need to check the ingredients in an item we use. We do not cook with anything that contains peanuts.

We do recommend anyone with a peanut allergy refrain from eating our hand dipped ice cream; there is always risk of contamination because some of our flavors may include peanuts.

CAN I HAVE MY OWN "WALK IN" PARTY, AND ARE THERE ANY RESTRICTIONS? We welcome all guests. Should you prefer to have your own walk in style birthday, you are welcome to do so, but please keep in mind that seating is very limited during our busy hours, and on weekends. All seating is first come first serve and we cannot reserve an area for you unless you have a booked event with us. Please do not attempt to move or rearrange any tables, chairs, games, or equipment on your own.

No outside food or beverages other than a Birthday Cake are permitted on the premises. If for any reason you are planning on bringing a large number of guests to Fun Fore All, and have not made any type of arrangements, please call and speak with a Manager to ensure we are able to meet your needs or email us at info@funforeallcom.

IS THERE ANY SORT OF AN ALL DAY PASS? We do not offer an all day pass, however, we offer hourly passes that give you unlimited use of the majority of attractions in the park. Check out our Coupons & Specials page for details.

DO YOU OFFER ANYTHING FOR LARGER GROUPS WHO PLAN TO VISIT THE PARK? We have a variety of different options for groups. Check out our Group Rates page for details or email us at sales@funforeall.com.

ARE THERE ANY SPECIAL HEIGHT OR WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS FOR THE ATTRACTIONS? All of our rides and attractions have their own individual restrictions. Height and weight restrictions are mandated by the State of Pennsylvania. See our Safety Rules for details on all of our attractions.

HOW DO I BOOK MY BIRTHDAY PARTY? You can book your party online by going to our Party Planner page. All the details are available on our Birthday Packages page.

DOES FUN FORE ALL GIVE DONATIONS TO LOCAL FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES? Yes we do. We do require that a formal donation request letter be sent in advance, outlining the event, date, time, location, organization, and a contact name, address, and phone number. Once submitted donations take approximately one to two weeks to be completed and if approved, will be mailed to the address listed on the letter. For more information or with questions please email us at info@funforeall.com.

DOES FUN FORE ALL HAVE A LOST AND FOUND? Yes we do. If you think you may have lost an item during a visit to Fun Fore All, please call or stop in and we can check for you! Items found at Fun Fore All are held for 30 days, if they are not claimed within that time, they will be donated to Goodwill.

WHAT METHODS OF PAYMENT ARE ACCEPTED?  We accept all major credit cards and cash. Only corporate checks are accepted for group payments.

HOW CAN I FIND FUN FORE ALL? Fun Fore All is located at 8 Progress Ave. Cranberry Twp, Pa 16066. Our park sits along Route 19, and we are directly across the street from Dairy Queen. For directions, please see the Contact Us or Directions page.

WHAT ARE FUN FORE ALL'S HOURS AND HOLIDAYS? Fun Fore All is open year round, including most major holidays. We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day each year. Hours are subject to change in response to severe changes in weather or business.

IS THE PARK REALLY "FUN FORE ALL?" Absolutely! Our park features games, rides, and attractions for children and adults of all ages!